Here we present our findings and theories from the research during the reconstruction process, especially findings that are at odds with current Boccioni research.

Boccioni's second bottle


Boccioni sculpted his Force-Forms of a Bottle after having finished the more famous and still-existing Development of a Bottle in Space (2). At a quick glance they are quite similar in appearance, but a closer look reveals how Boccioni has totally different concepts in mind for the two sculptures.

There is only one detailed photograph of this sculpture, and it can be seen from a distance in at least four other photographs from various exhibitions. It is also included in Boccioni's painting The Two Friends (1914). Is this enough to warrant a reconstructive effort?


We believe so, especially since the sculpture is seen from slightly different angles. We are currently in the process of analysing the photographs and connecting lines and shapes in the 3D software ZBrush to understand the overall construction (1). Here we are aided by the earlier Development of a Bottle in Space (2) as well as the drawing Table + Bottle + House from 1912 (3) and the painting Nude (complementary model of form-colour) from 1913 (4, detail).

[Published August 2020]






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