Here we present our findings and theories from the research during the reconstruction process, especially findings that are at odds with current Boccioni research.

New photo discovered


During the final stages of reconstructing Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Motion we discovered an image that, to our knowledge, has not yet been acknowledged to include this sculpture. This image was published in the newspaper Il Secolo Illustrata in January 1917 (1).


F. T. Marinetti is shown standing next to Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, but what is especially interesting is the top right image on the page. It could be mistaken to show the same sculpture, but closer scrutiny reveals it to be Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Motion (2, and the reconstruction, 3). This provided us with valuable information since there are only photographs from four other angles of this sculpture (4).

[Published April 2020]


One of the photographs used for the Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Motion reconstruction was very graciously made available in much higher quality by the MAC USP Archive in Saõ Paulo (donated to them by Zeno Birolli). Details of the left side of the head are more clearly visible here, which enables better reconstructive solutions than earlier. Things suddenly fall into place in a way that makes perfect sense. Taking this into account, an updated 3D revision is underway.

[Published July 2020]





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